Monday, June 25, 2007

T minus 8 days!

So here we are, 8 days before our departure date and things could not be more hectic if we tried... between getting visas organized, finding somewhere to sell us the most remote foreign currencies and trying to decide what goes in the backpack and what stays home time seems to be flying by a little too quickly.

Aside from that though, I think I speak for all of us (Jo, Kristelle and Steph) when I say that we are super-duper excited about this trip! Sure, we won't be able to speak to anyone and odds are we'll be making fools of ourselves more oftne than not, but that's part of the excitement, no?? Anywho, this is just a brief introduction to the glory that will be our blog. The key to success here is copious comments, so feel free to let it all out!!!

Wish us luck!

Steph, Kris and Josie