Sunday, July 8, 2007

Good Morning Vietnam

So here we are, in Saigon, Vietnam!
We arrived here mid-evening on friday. First struggle, find a place to stay that would be 1-cheap and 2-with A/C or fans (yes, we're already picky like that). Well, that's where the Ghost Lady comes in handy! We were walking on the street looking for a place to stay when this random lady offered us a room that appeared not only to be clean, but cheap and with a tv and a fridge...almost Holiday Inn style. After checking it out, we dicided to stay there. Now you're probably wondering why we call her the ghost lady. Well the reason is simple: she's everywhere. For real. First, she was there when we needed a room. Then, when we went to get our bags from where we had left them, she randomly appeared outside the door to lead us back to the hotel (cuz it's in a sketch alleyway). Then, when Steph went out alone and got lost on the way back, there she was, yelling at her that she's going the wrong way. Also, she's NEVER around in the day... very ghostly.... anyways, we love her.

Saturday started off very early (because Kristelle and Jo keep waking up at 5h30 in the morning). We first decided to walk around and find the best deal for a Mekong Tour. We also ended up booking our bus ticket for Mui Ne and Nah Trang. We then headed to the Saigon Fine Arts Museum. However, not only half the paintings were not even hung up, it was so hot that we decided to cut the visit short and do something else. In the afternoon, we took a taxi to Dam Sen Park, which is a big amusement park / garden. We saw the orchard gardens and big animals made out of plates/bows/spoons. We walked around for a few hours, trying to work on our tan a bit (why not) and then called it a day.

All that leading us to today! We went on a tour of the Mekong Delta. They first took us to the city of My Tho, which is about 2h away from Ho Chi Minh, from where we took a bot and toured around the Delts's main 4 islands, Unicorn island, Dragon island, Turtle island and Phoenix island. These islands were named after animals that the Vietnamese people worship. We got to taste coconut candies, banana wine (which tastes horrible), and tea with kumquat and honey from the bee farm. We were also treated with local traditionnal music, which was really cool. Oh, and our tour guide self-nicknamed himslef ''Mr Lovely''. Yep, we all agree... That goes pretty well with our new theme for this trip: ''How bizarre''.

So that's about it for our Saigon adventures. We're leaving tomorrow for Mui Neh and are looking forward to spending some time on Vietnam's beaches!

Thanks for your comments, we really appreciate them! Miss you all!
Josie Kristelle and Steph xxx


Anonymous said...

How's the rice , how's the noodles ? Je vous lis quotidiennement and I love you all.
Je trouve qui a beaucoup de mot que je ne comprend pas dans vos message hi to chong go kount . Je suis la première sur ce posting alors une main d'applaudissement. pour moi.
Continuer de vous amuser mes amours, go wild
AND stay away from the gost lady



frank said...

sounds like happy times in Vietnam! before you leave Saigon, try capturing the ghost-lady inside a mirror. If she's too strong to be dragged in by the mirror's natural ability to imprison specters (made clear to all of us in CandyMan 1-2&3), at least prove her non-existence by having her not reflect in the looking glass. Have pictures been taken of this lady and/or Mr Lovely?

Johanne said...

No! Don't stay away from the Ghost Lady! Anyone who leads Steph back from the wrong side of a dark alley is OK in my books!

Mr Lovely may fit into your "How bizarre" theme but it sure rolls off the tongue more easily than "미스터"!

Sounds like you're getting nicely settled into your new surroundings... enjoy the beaches!

Can't wait to talk/chat/read you again!

Love you lots,


Anonymous said...

Rice, chicken & noodles everyday
Lucky to have the GHOST LADY around-she is yr lucky charm girls.
Looks like u girls are having a blast and a good time in the other part of the world.
Tan Tan Tan on the beaches of Mui Ne.
Ghost Lady, Mr Lovely n who is coming next may be Mr Muscles.....
Waiting to chat and read you soon.

Miss u girls & love u a lot


Ash said...

Hello Chicas!!!

Have you figured out the phones yet?! lol Stephy I love that you remember the stories behind the islands... such an ash like thing to do! lol
With regards to the ghost lady...i agree with Jo... anyone who helps Stephy from getting lost in a country that is far far far from me is ok in my books!! lol.. you know, until she starts staring at you while you sleep... that's a little too creepy for my liking lol!!!!
Ok girlies, keep having fun, enjoy the beaches, get a nice tan for me (since I am loosing mine!!!)
Missing you guys lots


Anonymous said...

heeey!!!! Sounds like everything is going great!! Hahaha at least Ghost Lady was there to guide you through scary times!!
Miss you steph!!!! I cant wait to read more of your adventures!!
Sophia :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph and Friends, Glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying yourselves. Are you sick of the food yet? I still think we should of had Thai food that Friday we went out. Oh by the way, I really miss you at the office, I'm sure you know why!!!!! Did you remember to ask about the Bonsei tree for Marco? Just don't get arrested!!!! Love the updates keep them coming.

N-Train said...

Sweet deal..the Ghost Lady would kind of freak me out, but its ok!

I hope that y'all are gallavanting and having even more random adventures then what are written here. Im having a beer in your honour...since if i drink to something, its not drinking alone.

have fun!


Gabrielle said...

Salut a toutes!
Cest vraiment cool de vous lire!! Ca doit etre assez dur de communiquer pour trouver des hotel et manger et tout ca. Le language non verbal est de mise jimagine?
Hey les filles, vous devriez mettre des photos quon voit vos binettes.
Gros bizou!
PS Je suis deja jalouse de vos tan! Ici il fait froid et cest lhiver #$$%#&^$&!

Anonymous said...

Worshipping unircorns eh? Maybe i was wrong about those asians. I love the movie "the last unircorn"! We have more in common than i thought.
Because this ghost lady didnt steal your souls...she sounds kinda evily powers like.

So Ray and i went to Tremblant this week. we didnt try your pizza place, but we did ride ponies!! his kept pooing. yuck. it was fun. Also, we got away without paying for parking in the village! yes!

Ray say fuggeta bout it. Putanotha shrimp onda barrrbie.

Thats it for now.

ps johanne is a show off
pps apparently HP is getting decent reviews

Anonymous said...

i meant becareful she doesnt steal your souls! bah! hy dont i read before i post?

- heather

Michael said...

so I almost couldn't find this because I forgot the URL, but then I found it in my Facebook Inbox, anyhow...

Ghost lady sounds awesome. I want one.

We need a Mr. Lovely impersonation upon your return.


Johanne said...

Whoa Minute! How come I'm a show-off!

Editor said...

Fascinating! Give us more!