Saturday, July 14, 2007

Live and Learn

Xin Jao!

We think that means hello... but don't quote us on that...

Anyways, so ten days after reaching Vietnam we have learned a valuable lesson. How to cross the road when it is teaming with motorbikes, taxis and bicycles... none of which seem at all inclined to let you pass, and street lights are non-existant. It's all in the puppy dog eyes (is there anything they aren't good for?). You take your first step out into the street, making sure to look those psycho drivers right in the eye, silently pleading with them not to run you over. Even when they seem to be swerving towards you, maintaining eye contact is key. Also, the biggest mistake you could make would be to hesitate. You hesitate, you die. In fact, we barely even flinch anymore when those motorbikes are headed right for us...

Aside from crossing roads, the past couple of days have been quite busy. From Ho Chi Minh, we headed to Mui Ne, a quiet little beach town further north. We arrived there and were promptly greeted by some friendly hotel people, who offered us a bungalow on the beach with a clean shower (!!) and fans for the wonderful price of 4$/night. We took it. We spent the rest of the day on the beach, taking Top Model pictures in the sand (you don't get to see any of those... it was a joke) and trying to get a tan.

The next day, we visited the sand dunes, which is what Mui Ne is famous for. We bought a tour package, hopped on a rickety old Jeep big enough just for the three off us and headed off. Our first stop was a hotel, where we picked up three more people!! They sat in the trunk!!! Oh my! Anyways, it turns out they were awesome. Two British guys and an Irish girl with whom we are now officially in love. So our guide (I say guide, but I mean glorified Jeep driver) first dropped us off at the "Fairy Stream" and told us we had forty minutes... then he left us surrounded by small children more than willing to lead the way. So, bare feet, we followed them down a dinky little stream. We're not too sure why it's called the "Fairy Stream" but it is. The walk was quite uneventful until the end when the kids started asking for money. We would give them some and then they'd pull out the puppy eyes and say "One more? One more?" It was quite funny actually...

Then we went to the white sand dune, where we were once again attacked by children. These ones were trying (quite persistently) to get us to give them 50000 dong for one crazy carpet ride down the dune. At first, we declined politely, but then they kept at it... so it got messy. We ended up asking for a demonstration, and then running away when they went down. Naturally, they caught up... but it was funny nonetheless.

After that we saw the yellow sand dunes... They looked just like the white ones. The best part about them was that we got to witness our first Vietnamese chick fight. It was pretty intense. Of course, not speaking the language, we had no idea what they were fighting about (probably a boy), but there was some serious slapping and yelling going on.

Then we saw the red canyon, which was quite a trek, but well worth the views from the top. We got really dirty... the combination of red sand, small passages on the way down and rain is just asking for trouble.

Finally, we got to see the fishing village. It smelled. That's all.

All this was done, of course, with our "guide" just dropping us off at each place and leaving us to fend for ourselves... interesting way of doing it, but it worked out.

That night, at 1 am, we caught the bus to Nha Trang. Here, we visited a rather impressive pagoda with a Giant Seated Buddha at the top overlooking the town and we went on the world's crappiest boat tour of the surrounding islands. The best part of the tour was when the ugliest swimsuit of all time got tossed overboard. It was a bit sad for the woman who lost it, but overall, humanity has been done a favour.

Tonight, we are taking an overnight (12 hour) train to Hue. What we'll do there is undetermined as of yet, but surely it'll be entertaining!

See you soon!

Steph, Kris and Jo


Johanne said...

Oh my... you do like to scare your Mama - look those psycho drivers right in the eye - Yikes!

Nice going, getting those children to demonstrate so you could run away, that's like playing hide and seek and asking them to count to a million - how ruthless! About the swimsuit, did the woman end up naked? Seems a rather odd turn of events.

All in all in sounds like you are having an awesome time.

Safe travel girls - Love you


Anonymous said...

Thio San girls,

Kristelle-I hope you still remember your trip to Mauritius with the crazy drivers.. you must not hesitate....

Girls-were you generous with the poor little kids with puppy eyes look?
Finally we saw some of your pictures but I got goosebumps when I saw the 3 holding a boa around your neck.

Looks like you are having a wonderful time other there despite the mishaps.

Be careful & safe trip to Hue
Love you

Anonymous said...

for someone that was going to be a journalism major, your titles still suck. by "puppy dog eyes" do you mean Ramsey dancing eyes... and then do they swerve off the road and cry? i bet they do.
yea, i should have warned you about those kids. when my mom went to bali they were everywhere. they went up to eat at a restaurant, and were cat calling her all day from outside (she made the mistake of telling them her name)
grumbles sends his regards.
ginny sends her stink
mojo doesnt send a god damned thing!


Anonymous said...

STESY!!! just remember... stare em with the evil eye and show those motorists whos boss.. and besides if they do hit you its a couple of days off school right? as long as it doesnt mean ur there longer.. cuz i miss u and i think 2 months is long enough... enjoy ladies sounds like fun!! and dont let em steal ur money u show em whos boss steph!!!

p.s. wanna make out?

Ash said...

Hello ladies!!!

I probably should have warned you about the motobikes in Vietnam. I saw Pat`s home film about her trip to Vietnam and the motobikes were CRAZY!!!!! Similar thing happened to me in Amsterdam only with normal bike, and instead of staring them in the eye and walking accross the street, I hesitated and got hit by one! lol Good plan not to hesitate! haha.

Also, way to trick the little kids.... I warn you, they will find you...

Question: Why did the woman throw her bathingsuit off the boat? Speaking of bathingsuits, I was supposed to go in Pace's spa the other day and ended up bringing two bathingsuit tops...doesnt help much...needless to say I did not end up going in!!!

Finally, Stephy - I continued watching ER with that show!!!...also love Abby...and Luca....and Abby and Luca together!

Ok, I should be doing research now...

Tu me manques bcp!
Gros bisous de Montreal!


Anonymous said...


The blackmailer is indeed eve and julians son. he is currently crying in eve bathroom about how his mommy doesnt love him.

Also, sheridan poisoned "tess" with rat poison in her tea. the evil demons made her do it. that is all!


Anonymous said...

Hey les filles , ca a l'air super cool votre voyage à date, je commence presqu'a etre jalouse. Steph : t'écris incroyablement bien. c'est très imagé
Kristoux : Bonne fête !!!!!! xoxoxo
Jo: Oublie pas de me ramener un pénis en or, je les colectionne (ajeuk)

love you all xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...


N-Train said...

Ok...a cat fight and a bungalow on the beach...this is intense!!!

Im still amazed that you could get the thing for so cheap and having it be clean.

As for sand dunes, those would be awesome to see...remember, im from Manitoba where its flat and snowy, not big and sandy :)

Stay out of trouble y'all....but not all trouble, its not as much fun


Gabrielle said...

Ladies!! Great post! Ca a l'air vraiment cool HAaaaaaaaLong bay, j'ai hate de voir des photos!
A part ca je ne peux m'empecher de rire un peu de El Nino qui perd son cell phone... Ca me fait m'ennuyer de toi Pat!: )
Ici tout se passe tres bien, il ne me reste qu'une semaine : 0!!
Hey, petite anecdote:
Afin de rendre hommage a mon pseudo 'el cheapo' cette semaine, j'ai decide d'aller me faire reparer les dents (plombage de 2 dents) au Costa Rica. Vraiment pas cher, 20$ par dents, mais *&^%$#@ je suis sortie de la en sueur j'ai eu TELLEMENT mal, ils ont pas m;ont pas anasthesie, pouvez-vous croire ca! Ils sont trop fou!! La morale de cette histoire, ne jamais etre el cheapo avec les soins dentaires. hehehe Ca m'apprendra!
Les filles, j'ai hate de vous voir dans les photos. : )
Je vous envoie des bizous cheries!